So the STAAR results came out two weeks ago and for my district here in the big oil town of Midland, Texas, they were not very good.  I read an editorial in my hometown paper that stated, “MISD owes explanation for what students are learning in classrooms.  I agree.  I think we do owe an explanation as […]

ALERT: Today Is The Most Important Day of Your Life!

My title sounds great, but I don’t believe it.  But if you talk to our school administrators and politicians they think today is the most important day of your student’s life.  Why? Because today we take some STAAR tests at my school beginning today.  Four hours where you are to prove your worth as a […]

We Are Homeschooling!

HomeSchooling at the Freese House My son is in high school and does not fit the typical high schooler.  He just did not do well in the traditional high school setting (studies are finding this to be true for a growing number of students). Now to be fair the high school he was attending is […]

Trucks, Kidneys, Netlix and Why is MLK Day a Work Day? – TTIT 036

We have been Podfading, but no longer!  Today’s episode finds us using a new term for Podcasts, announcing our Son’s Wedding, brother-in-law gets new kidney, Tons of Entertainment and our Broncos are headed to the SUPER BOWL! TTIT 036 Our Son is getting married We Podfaded! My Brother-in has a new kidney – thanks to […]

Is it Too Late for Schools and Frozen is Fantastic! TTIT 035

No church last week, school is a mess, we got to watch movies, Frozen and Lincoln and Happy Advent  -  TTIT 035 I preached We had a quiet Thanksgiving, but good To fry or smoke?  Or both? We have had a huge event in our life School is challenging AEP, yuck The movie Frozen is […]

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