We Have no Worldly Goods, How to be Successful, How to be a Mature Christian and Corrie Ten Boom all on TTIT 065

By / May 25, 2015 / Podcast

Happy Memorial Day, We have sold almost everything, Ten Steps to be Successful, all on TTIT 065! Happy Memorial Day We have one week to go in our home Seems to be the hip thing to do, living in an RV How to be successful, ten easy steps Todd preached on James 5 Why do we… [read more]


Happy Birthday George Strait, TK Graduates, We are RVing Full-Time, and Todd Wins and Award, all on TTIT 064

By / May 18, 2015 / Podcast

  We are moving out of our home and spending ALL summer on the road!!!!!  Todd wins an award, Happy Birthday George Strait and TK Graduates all on TTIT 064! We have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! TK Graduates We lost our fish We are selling EVERYTHING – almost! We are going to be Full-Time RVers – for the summer… [read more]

TTIT 063

Should We Close School for Two Years? Little Girls are Scary, Are Coaches Worth 4 Times as Much as Teachers? All here on TTIT 063

By / April 29, 2015 / Podcast, School, Slider

  Is 19 too young to be married? Nine year old girls are SCARY, Can you believe coaches get$125,000 Josh McDowell gives us the hard truth about the “last” Christian generation and a big announcement still to come all on TTIT 063! Conroe Trip Visit with Megan on the Way Wedding School has only 5… [read more]


Can STAAR do this?

By / April 13, 2015 / School, Testing

I received an email from my good friend and former colleague, Danny Swick.  He has an interesting thought when it comes to STAAR.  Here is his story: So…I googled the inventor of multiple choice tests as we discussed (1914…happy belated anniversary!) and found an interesting article from 2011.  As you will probably see, she is… [read more]


Back Surgery and I Hate the Multiple Choice Test and a Huge Announcement all on TTIT 062!

By / April 10, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

Is Back Surgery Worth it, do we Teach to the Test and a Huge Announcement! TTIT 062! We are on Patreon – Please become our patron! Back Surgery A great recipe Do we teach to the test? Do you know the history of the multiple choice test? A HUGE announcement Show Links Our Patreon Page… [read more]


Happy Ash Wednesday, Do Kids have Boundaries? And I have a Bad Back! All on TTIT 061

By / February 21, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

Bad Back is a Challenge,  Why are Doctors So Expensive??? 50 year old Men Need Lots of TESTS! Happy Ash Wednesday! TTIT 061! We are on Patreon – Please become our patron! Todd has had some medical issues (besides brain problems) Things I learned from a week of a Bad Back Looks like our Bond is… [read more]


Go See American Sniper, Our Pastor is Moved, NOT Fired and High Highs and Low Lows for Teachers all on TTIT 060

By / January 28, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

Pastor NOT Fired, still feels like it, but he has a job and a kid tells me to blank off and American Sniper is a great movie, all here on TTIT 060! We are on Patreon – Please become our patron! Welcome to all the new listeners, we encourage you keep listening We appreciate the… [read more]


My Pastor got Fired! Teachers Have no Fight by Friday and Don Wharton’s Books all on TTIT 059

By / January 19, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

Can Six People Decided for 150?  They Fired my Pastor! Did you know that teachers have no fight left in them by Friday? Two great books all here on TTIT 059! We are on Patreon – Please become our patron! We spent the weekend camping in beautiful Ft. Davis. How to comp out of working… [read more]


Can Rich People Help Poor People Get A Better Education? Trees Down Everywhere And Twelve People Walk Out on Pastor While he Preaches on TTIT 058

By / January 12, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

Can wealthy men help kids who are poor in the classroom?  Is it polite to walk out of church during the sermon?  All here on TTIT 058! Broncos Lose Big College Game We are sending our Old Japanese exchange student a note as we reminise about old days HELP US BE MORE COLLABARATIVE THIS YEAR… [read more]


Happy New Year, A Look Behind and A Look Forward on TTIT 057

By / January 1, 2015 / Podcast, Slider

A Look Behind and Goals for 2o15 all on  TTIT 057! A look at what happened in 2014 A Look ahead to 2015 Live and Interesting Life A link to the TTIT Promo My Theory on Teaching Show Links TTIT on Facebook Two Teachers in Texas Youtube Channel Contribute to my Man in the Mirror… [read more]

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