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Todd and MelissaWe are two teachers who live in Texas, well I guess that is obvious.  We  try to live by the precepts of our faith and still be teachers, seems almost impossible some days.

We both think that education is so, well, screwed up today that short of a major overhaul there is’t much we can do, but we trudge on, trying to make a difference where we can.  We love kids and we love God, we want to make an impact on one of them for one of them.

We have four kids: Todd Jr, Taylor Jean, TK and Tori Kay.  We have been blessed with three beautiful grandkids,  Kennedie Grace, Emma Jean and Todd III and are ecstatic with our son’s choice of a wife, Megan Freese.  My daughter was recently married to Jeremy Foos and we couldn’t be happier.  That’s me and Taylor and Daddymy daughter on her wedding day, pretty cool stuff.

Our life is ever-changing, but so is yours.  We talk about the life changes and how education and religion need to change with it, or how they may not need to change.

We love to podcast and try to be honest and open with our opinions.  It is hard to be a teacher today and a parent and a Christian.  Hopefully we give you some hope and some real life ideas on how to make your life better.  So join each Monday (hopefully) for a new episode.

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