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By / October 15, 2017 / Planning

I love all things tech and use an online calendar from Google.  I keep my lesson plans online and even use that calendar to plan my weeks.  But in the last two years I have gone back to a lesson plan book, not exclusively, but in addition to my online lesson planning.  There is something about writing down your plans and your thoughts.  The book I have allows me to see a week at a time, which is how I plan.

I lay out my semester and decide what units I want to cover each week.  Of course, there is something adjustment during the year, but for the most part, I stick to the plan I lay out.  Then I plug my topics into my plan book and later I add my plans to my digital book.  I keep digital files for two reasons:

  1. Ease of retrieval
  2. In case my administration needs them

If I want to see something I did three years ago I can search online if my plan books are not available.  But I have found that having a planning book keeps me more organized.  I can write down notes during class about a student, or where we left off in a particular class.  I can clip notes inside my book about students or notes from parents.  I also keep my syllabus in the back and then a weekly planning paper in the front.  The weekly planning guide has my goals for each week such as:.  I find it keeps me grounded and accountable.

  1. All things graded
  2. Email sent to my parents
  3. Week planned
  4. Read for the week
  5. Meet with my wife and plan week
  6. Workout
  7. Continue on Google certification

I include personal and professional goals, these are the “Big Rocks” to use a metaphor from Dr. Covey. I find it keeps me grounded and accountable.

So to wrap up, I use the old fashioned lesson book to plan and as a sort of journal with notes, ideas and messages clipped to it and written in it.  Even though I love technology, I have become a more organized teacher which leads to more time for me to do fun stuff, like RVing.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Until next time, peace.


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